Orient Express

Orient Express

… Vintage is extremely feminine and chic. The articles of this époque are notable for their softened outlines and the presence of various lappets and drapery, the luxury of textiles and trimmings. The colour palette is calm, performed in natural tones, often with the use of buffies and elements of handicraft.
The world’s most authentic luxury train that first made its way from Paris to Istanbul in 1883 inspired the designers of Diana Ulanova studio to create their collection “Orient Express”…
Just like the legendary train is an embodiment of wealth and chic and glamour – so are the articles of this collection….

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Dimensions: 18/30 cm. An elegant small clutch Way of wearing: on the wrist or on the shoulder (a l..


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CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Dimensions: 28/32 cm. Way of wearing: in the hand either in the crook of the e..