Orchid pearl

Orchid pearl

Brand: Diana Ulanova Studio
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"Orchid", collection "Flowers"

Approximate measurements: 20/30 cm. (8/12 inches)
Useful space: 15/25 cm. (6/10 inches)
Entrance: 25 cm. (10 inches) 
A medium-sized bag of transcendental beauty. 
Way of wearing: in the crook of the elbow or in the hand. 
Material: leather of medium and increased density. 
Type of lock: magnetic buttons only.
Inside: one compartment and one zipper pocket.
The item is complimented by a charming removable pendant.

We should focus our attention on the fact that it is NOT possible to make exact copies of the bags you see on photos.
Our bags are entirely handmade, leather is a live material. Each piece of leather has its individual color and texture; the stock of leather is continually changing.

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Orchid pearl
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